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So you are thinking of starting a travel blog? I would say that it is a great decision. Starting a travel blog and continuing it through 5 years has been one of the best decisions of our life. And we always encourage others to start a travel blog. This article is all about travel blog names and travel blog name ideas along with some tips on how to choose the best name for your travel blog. Deciding a name for your blog is perhaps one of the most important steps to start a travel blog. So here are a few tips from us on choosing a travel blog name, the mistakes we made and what you can do to get awesome travel blog names!

Travel Blog Name Ideas

Travel Blog Names | What’s in a name?

They say, “What’s in a name?” But now, we slightly beg to differ with Shakespeare and say that “name is everything”! Today name is the identity, the reflection of our thoughts and finally, it is this name that is going to be our brand.

Deciding on a blog’s name can be one of the most creatively difficult parts of starting a blog. People usually are at a loss while trying to figure out the travel blog names.

The First Tip: Your travel blog name is important. It is going to be the first impression that you make on others. It is going to be your identity and brand in the future. It will reflect who you are and your interests. So put some thought before finalizing the name.

In this article, we will give you some insider tips on choosing a good name for your travel blog, some clichés that you must avoid and advice on travel blog names and Search Engine Optimization. Yes, there are some names that are not SEO friendly and can harm your chances of featuring in Google Searches.

How to choose the perfect travel blog name

Travel Blog Names Guidelines and Ideas

Decide on what you want to blog about

If you have a clear idea about what you want to blog about, then you might narrow down the choices of travel blog name ideas. Take a paper and pen and write down what you want to write about. Is it about any particular country or continent? Or is it about a specific style of travelling? Do you want to write about culture and cities? Or do you want to write about family travel?

This will help you narrow down your interests and later help you decide your niche.

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Why do you need to have a niche?

6 years back when we started, travel blogging was in its initial phase in India. There were a few bloggers in the arena and fewer competitions. To be honest, before starting a travel blog, I had no idea what blogging was. That we can actually earn a living from blogging was something that I could not imagine at that time.  Our blog started as a creative outlet of our thoughts and photography.

But today the scene is different. There are thousands of travel blogs in the online space with the majority of them having stellar content. To stand out among the crowd, you need to stand out with your topic of writing as well. General travel does not sell now. So you need to choose a niche for your travel blog. This might sound a bit harsh from me, but believe me, this is a hard fact that we have learnt after 6 years of blogging.

Once you have decided on what you are going to blog about, then you can play with travel blog name ideas.

Travel Blog Names to Avoid

Before you zero on to your desired travel blog name, let me first take you through the things that you must avoid. These are a few rules on what to avoid while choosing the name. Once you cut down the flab, life will become easier.

  1. Avoid clichés

As I said before, today you are competing with thousands of travel blogs. So it is better to avoid names that have already been there in the market.

Terms like nomadic, backpacker, adventurous, wandering, vagabond etc. and ghumakkad (for Hindi names) have been used over and over. Here are a few words that you must avoid:

  • Nomadic/ nomad
  • Backpacker
  • Backpacking
  • Budget
  • Wanderer
  • Adventurous
  • Travelling
  • Global

Using these terms can be bad for SEO as well, though these terms scream loud and clear that you are a travel blogger. Let me tell you why. For example, if you are using the word ‘vagabond’ in your travel blog name, you will be competing with already established blogs like ‘Expert Vagabond’. These blogs have been in the market for years now and are doing really good.

Unless you can use these words in some very creative and different way, then it is better not to use these overused words for your travel blog name.

When we named our blog Tale of 2 Backpackers, the word ‘backpacker’ was used only in another travel blog. Today, I find so many ‘backpacker’ in travel blog names.

Things to avoid while choosing your travel blog names
  1. Avoid stereotyping

Do not stereotype the name. You might want to add your age in the blog (say Travellingintwenty), but what will happen when you become thirty.

Similarly, names, where relationship status is attached also, becomes a bit tricky.

Also remember, the name is going to be your brand. So do not choose such a name that might sound fancy now, but later can be a source of embarrassment for potential brand collaboration.

  1. Avoid numbers, symbols and other punctuation marks

Avoid, avoid and avoid numbers, symbols, dashes, periods and other punctuation marks in the name. Using them are not going to help your branding and SEO.

So why the 2 in Taleof2Backpackers?

This is one of the major mistakes we did while naming our blog. While the name sounded great, we should not have used the numeric “2”. Whenever we had to tell the name of our blog to someone, we say “the name is Tale of 2 Backpackers, and the 2 is a numeric 2”. This is not a good thing.

Thankfully for us, today people know us as 2 Backpackers and our brand is built around Tale of 2 Backpackers. But we did face a few problems in the past for the number 2.

So learn from our mistake, and do not use special characters in your travel blog name.

Lastly, numbers and dashes are not good for SEO purposes. If your name has random numbers or punctuation marks then it could decrease the possibility of an exact match of terms similar to your name.

  1. Avoid purposeful misspellings

Do not misspell your blog just to sound cool. It is one of the greatest SEO blunders while naming your blog.

Travelz, dreamss may sound cool and easy, but it is surely bad for your blog. Google hates misspellings and grammatical errors and considers such content unprofessional. For example, if the word ‘travelz’ is there in the name, Google will consider it a wrong spelling and would not rank for terms that include “travel”.

  1. Avoid names that are too long

You should avoid travel blog names that are too long, because

  • It is difficult to remember long names.
  • It is hard to fit the name in the header.
  • It will be difficult to find social media handles for long names.

Tale of 2 Backpackers is also a bit long name having 4 words and 18 characters. This is the maximum that you should go. However, the name is easy to remember and now have become synonymous with us. Nowadays friends greet us as 2 Backpackers on meeting instead of Agni and Amrita. Believe me, it is a good feeling! So if you have a travel blog name idea that perfectly describes your brand, but is a bit long, go for it.

However, there was a bit of a problem while opening our social media accounts. We will talk about the SM accounts later in the post.

How to pick a good Travel Blog Name?

Now that you know what not to pick, let us talk about how to choose a perfect travel blog name and that is descriptive, explains your brand and is also SEO friendly.

The blog name is also going to be your domain name and will be a reflection of your brand and all the things that you are going to share with your readers. So take some time, go through these points and then decide.

Hiw to choose teh perfect travel blog names - ideas, tips and stories

Here are some points to consider for your travel blog name ideas.

  1. Always use .com domain

Pick a travel blog name that is available in “.com”. Nowadays, some experts are of the opinion that the extension does not really matter, but I would suggest you take a blog name where you can get the .com extension.

Even if you take other extensions like .in, .info, .biz, .me etc, it will not affect your SEO, but .com is always easier to remember and preferred.

  1. Check whether social media accounts are available

This is the second most important thing to keep in mind while choosing your blog name. When you are starting your travel blog, you also have to get the social media accounts like a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube (if you plan to make videos).

Check if the name is available on all these social accounts. If they are not available, it is better to consider a different name.

Twitter allows only 14 characters. So it is better to keep your name under 14 characters.

This is another mistake we made. We had not checked the social media accounts while deciding on the blog’s name. We opened the social media accounts much later. Thankfully, we had got Facebook and Instagram username easily. For Twitter and Pinterest both, the name taleof2backpackers was not available as it was beyond the character limit of both.

  1. Travel Blog Names should be descriptive

Travel blog names should be really descriptive. It should tell your readers about what they are going to read on the blog.

Tale of 2 Backpackers does speak about our favourite travel style (backpacking), but it does not reflect our interest. We love to experience local culture, heritage, festivals and love meeting new people. The blog is about travelling in India and Asia. But the name does not justify our interest. Anyways, the name has worked because it was easy to identify and it is actually our favourite travelling style.

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Some descriptive travel blog names example:

  1. The blog name should pass the telephone test

Let’s say, you have chosen a name that is short, memorable and classy. Now call up your friend and tell him/her that you have started a blog named ‘’. If he/she can spell it at one go, you have got a simple and perfect name for your blog. And if they cannot understand what you are saying even after a couple of times, then you need to think harder.

For Tale of 2 Backpackers, as I mentioned before, we always have to spell that the 2 is a numeric 2!

  1. Use your own name

Using your own name is a popular way of naming your blog. Most of the successful blogs like Nomadic Matt, Adventurous Kate uses this formula.

I will not recommend you to use a common adjective and your name (eg: Adventurous + your name), but if you can come up with some really creative ways to describe your blog, go for it. There are many blogs that use only the name. If that domain is available, you can use it as well. If you are sure that the blog will reflect only your personal story and you will be the only contributor to the blog, then you can use your name in the blog.

Anjali, a blogger friend had started her blog as which was quite good as long as she was the only contributor to the blog. Later her friend Neha too joined in. At that time Travel with Anjali did not sound right. So they changed the name to Travel Melodies. They had to buy a new domain and start from scratch.

  1. Use your identity

Another way of coming up with great travel blog name ideas is to use some aspect of your identity. This can be your physical appearance, personality, nationality, travel style, hobbies or simply who you are.

Tale of 2 Backpackers is one example that speaks about our favourite travel style.

Some examples of what I am talking about

  • The Broke Backpacker
  • The Expert Vagabond
  • Bring The Kids
  • Two Tall Travellers
  • The Indian Vagabond
  • Nomadic Vegan : This is a wonderful name according to me in spite of using the clichéd word nomadic. It also uses the word ‘vegan’ and that what makes all the difference. Its short, descriptive and impactful as well.
  1. Combining some travel words

This is one of the tried and tested strategies for coming up with a travel blog name. Combine 2 or 3 travel-related words and here you are with a few great travel name ideas.

Words that can be used for travel blog names - Niche of travel blogs

Some Words that will give you some awesome Travel Blog Name Ideas

You can use these words related to travel in your blog name. They will definitely give you some ideas about a good name.

  • A: Air, abroad, adventure, adventurous, adrift, atlas
  • B: Boho, bohemian, backpack, backpacker, barefoot, bon voyage, budget, border, bucket list
  • C: Cosmopolitan, camping, course, cruise, compass
  • D: Drifter, destination, dream, departure
  • E: Epicurean, expedition, excursion, explore, escape, everywhere
  • F: Footsteps, flipflops, foreign, foreigner, fearless, flight
  • G: Globetrotter, Gallivant, global, getaway, gone
  • H: Hiking, Holiday
  • I: Intrepid, international, island
  • J: Journey
  • K: Kayaking
  • L: Lost, Luxury, Latitude, Longitude
  • M: Maps, Miles, Muse
  • N: Nomad, nomadic
  • O: Oasis, Ocean, odyssey, on the road
  • P: Peregrinate, passport, paradise, postcard, planet
  • Q: Quirky, quiet, quest
  • R: Ride, rove
  • S: Sojourn, seafaring, sail, solo, savvy, sunshine, stamps, suitcase, sand
  • T: Traipse, travel, traveller, transit, trip, tour, trek
  • U: Unknown, unchartered, universe
  • V: Vagabond, voyage, vacation, vegan
  • W: Wandering, wayfarer, wanderlust, wanderer, walk, weekend, wild, world, wonderland, wine
  • Y: Yoga, yatch, youth
  1. Pick two words and combine them

This is also quite simple. You can simply take two words and combine them. See some examples:

  • Atlas and Boots
  • Salt and Sandals
  1. Get creative

This is upto you where you rack your grey cells and come up with a kickass name for your travel blog. The words might not be even related to travel if it sounds catchy.

Here are a few examples of such names:

  • Never Ending Footsteps
  • Drink Tea & Travel
  • We Own the Moment
  • The Shooting Star
  • Footsteps Forever
  • Uncornered Market
  • Lost With Purpose
Ideas for creative travel blog names

Travel Blog Names and SEO

Nowadays, SEO is one of the most important factors for the growth of your blog. You will hear a lot about SEO once you start your blog. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become the guiding Bible for writing blogs and we write and structure our posts as per SEO rules. So if the blog name itself contains words that make Google happy, then there is nothing like it.

And this is where your niche comes in. If you are writing about any particular topic, then name your blog according to that. Let me give you a few examples so that you understand better.

If you are writing any destination-specific blog, choose your domain name keeping the destination in it. This will work great for SEO. For example, if you are writing about Southeast Asia only, then you can name your blog as Backpacking Southeast Asia. With this name, the blog will get an upper hand in Google searches while competing with other websites for the search term “Southeast Asia”.

But here again, if you plan to travel to other regions, then this type of name becomes a bit restrictive.

Here are some examples of Travel Blog Names that are SEO driven:

  • for Northeast India
  • for a blog on weekend destinations
  • for a blog on travel in Central Asia
  • for a blog on travel gears
  • for destination-specific blog
  • is such a name that will not expire
  • for a website catering to accommodation in Vegas

Great Travel Blog Names – Get Inspired

So I asked a few of my blogger friends about their travel blog names and why did they name it so. Here are their answers. Their stories might help you to think with more clarity.

  1. Lauren from Always find Adventure

My blog is based off a tattoo on my back with the world, Always Find Adventure, in French. The phrase is applicable to many situations in life. I’ve struggled with mental health for many years including body image issues, depression, anxiety, and stress. The words “always find adventure” reminds me that in good times and in bad, I’m on a journey and this journey is an adventure. If I come across a tough time, just saying to myself “this is an adventure” helps to alleviate the stress of it a little bit. At the same time, it reminds me to always challenge myself and always step out of my comfort zone by embarking on a new adventure, which includes travelling the world.

Lauren from Always Find Adventure - How to choose the perfect travel blog name
  1. Katherine from Tara Lets Anywhere

My blog name is Tara Lets Anywhere. “Tara lets” is actually a Filipino slang meaning “let’s go”. I love this blog name because it’s modern and it’s flexible — I don’t want to use an adjective describing myself or my way of travelling because if there’s anything guaranteed in life, it is ‘change’. So basically the blog is about going anywhere.

My minor issue is that now everyone thinks my name is Tara. My name is Katherine and I always make it a point to sign emails with my proper name, but people still reply with Tara and I often have to correct them especially if they refer to me on their websites. Looking back, I should have asked a non-Filipino’s perspective on the blog name first to be sure there wouldn’t be any confusion.

  1. Nicky and Ian from Above Us Only Skies

We love our blog name Above Us Only Skies as it’s based on a lyric from the John Lennon song, “Imagine”. It’s a song that’s recognised worldwide – one full of hope and new beginnings. But for us, the lyric also conjures up an image of travel without barriers. About connectivity between our current location and our next destination. And about looking to the future rather than the past.  We’re also both big John Lennon fans with links to Liverpool, so it’s truly personal!

  1. Rohan Cahill from Travels of a Bookpacker

I chose mine to combine my love of books and travel and so the name Travels of a Bookpacker. I still really like the name and it gives me a point of difference but I haven’t focused as much on books as I would have liked. My partner also blogs with me and the name can be misleading when there’s 2 of you!

  1. Jackie from Enjoy Travel Life

I named “Enjoy Travel Life” to inspire empty-nesters like myself to embrace the travel lifestyle. After years of putting my children’s needs before my own (without regret), it was finally time to enjoy a life of travel—with the means and good-health to do so.

The blog provides inspiration and tools for travellers of any age but especially resonates with those transitioning from child-rearing to pre-retirement. The name may not specifically reflect this empty-nesting niche, but I love it! It’s a reminder that travel is a fun and meaningful way to “find” and redefine yourself during any time of life.

Enjoy Travel Life Blog
  1. Lucy from Faraway Lucy

My travel blog name is Faraway Lucy. I chose this name because I’ve always been a huge bookworm and my favourite book series when I was a little kid was Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree. That is where the ‘faraway’ originates from. The word also connotes ideas of daydreams, travel and adventure, all of which are core components of my blog. I love that my travel blog name is short, sweet and memorable. Plus, including my name in my blog title means people always remember my name!

  1. Sarah from Travel Breathe Repeat

My blog name was inspired by the simple instructions on shampoo bottles: lather rinse repeat. If only life were so simple. In 2010, I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable lung disease called LAM. I coped with this uncertain future by seeing the world. The name Travel Breathe Repeat is meant to express how travel has helped me live a more complete life and appreciate every breath, every minute, every day I have. Through my travels and my blog, I also raise awareness for my disease and inspire others in similar situations to see how therapeutic travel can be.

Sarah from Travel Breathe Repeat
  1. Michelle Maraj from Travel After Five

Travel After Five was named this way because it is a business travel blog. When I created my site, I wanted to talk about the sites I saw while travelling for work, but the sites I saw after 5:00 pm. Now, we offer a ton of after 5:00 pm guides, for people who are visiting a city for work but can’t go sightseeing until the evening.

  1. Mariellen from Breathe Dream Go

My blog name BreatheDreamGo came to me in the shower. It was 2009 and I had been travelling in India regularly and writing a very casual blog but decided it was time to become a professional travel writer. I went to writers, authors, and publishers conference in Toronto in June 2009 and the atmosphere at the conference room as terrible. It was all doom and gloom because the digital revolution was starting to affect the traditional media in a negative way. Ad revenue and subscription were down and no one knew how to make money online. I literally went home and cried. I had finally decided on “what I want to be when I grow up” — travel writer — and it seemed now impossible to make a living. On the last morning of the conference I was in the shower and had an epiphany — I would take my career online and start a professional blog. Then the words breathe dream go dropped in my mind. I honestly feel as if they were given to me. I jumped out of the shower and ran to the computer to ensure it was an original phrase — it was — and I bought the domain before I was dry.

  1. Arnav from Eat Travel Live Repeat

Named my blog Eat | Travel | Live | Repeat because my belief is that Trying out different food items, travelling to new places, gaining new experiences is how life is meant to be lived. And for me, eating, travelling and living life to the fullest are the essentials for a life well-lived.

I did think of modifying the name at times, which I did, but never had the thought of changing it altogether. When I started, I started with but when I eventually got my own domain after 7-8 months, I went ahead with – The core ideology remaining the same!

  1. Alison from Five Family Adventure

I chose Five Family Adventurers for our family travel blog. I loved the name as there are five of us exploring and adventuring when we can. Then someone pointed out,(a family member), that idly sounds like five families adventuring together. I am not changing it but always think about that comment.

Alison from Five Family Adventure

The next step: Register your Travel Blog Name by Purchasing the domain

After you have gone through all these points, think with a clear mind and start with a list of potential names. Play with words and ideas and write them down on a paper. Ask your family and friends if you have to. Check them on the domain checker and discard them if they are already taken.

I am sure after much brainstorming you will narrow down to 2-3 names. Check the availability in social media accounts as well. Finally, decide the travel blog name that suits best. Next, get the domain and start your travel blog.

If you are serious about blogging and contemplating about making money blogging, then you have to get a dedicated hosting. We recommend using Bluehost for hosting as they give the domain name free for the first year. Or else you have to register your blog name from a different provider.

Domain is the part of your blog name that is in between www and the .com of your website URL.

A domain name is like the unique address of your blog. This address allows everyone on the internet world (both human and AI) to recognize your blog by its unique address (domain name).

Now that you have a name, use the domain checker below to see if it is available. There is no need to check other domain registries as they all pull information from the same database. If your blog name is available, you will get a prompt to go to the next page and finally to the Account creation page.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through any of the links, at no cost to you.

Well, the good news is that you can get a discount up to 63% off the cost of hosting and a free domain registry for the first year if you sign up through Tale of 2 Backpackers. Bluehost is good for beginners and have a good support team to help you with issues that you might face while starting your blog.

Claim Hosting Discount

Bluehost domain and hosting

Technically the blog name is also the domain name, but I have seen cases where the blog name is totally different from the domain. I would suggest you not do that. There can be a slight difference in the Blog Title and domain, but make sure to grab a nice domain that would not end up being funny. I will share a couple of examples here.

  • : Err, I hope he meant pen!

After you decide on your blog name, choose a tagline for your blog. Your tagline should also be about 5-6 words and depict exactly what your blog is about. The tagline can take time to come up. Keep on improving on it until you find it.

Now that you are all set with your travel blog name, got your domain and hosting, set up your travel blog. Head to our post on how to start a travel blog for more details. Set up your blog and start writing!

How to choose perfect travel blog names

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