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Last Updated on: Apr 23, 2020 

Women as we all know, crave bags. Yes, not all women but most women always own one or two, even more. Unlike men who can most of the time go out with friends or go to work without a bag on them, women can’t stand that. They want all of their stuff to be with them all the time and for that, you’ll need a bag of course. May it be a leather bag, jelly, cloth-like or even plastic as long as it holds all of the things together.

Going out of their home means they have to bring their entire house with them. Well, not all the time they need to bring the biggest one they have. What bag is used depends on what is the best option by their outfit and where they need to go. For example, a shoulder or sling bag is for everyday use; a handy or classic satchel for some events; and a clutch one for special occasions or a backpack for short travels.

Travel Backpacks for Woman

Backpacks are for all ages

We start using this kind of bag even when we’re at a young age. This specific type can be used anywhere and can carry anything we need. Our Moms would usually get this for us when we are about to go to school or when we have to bring some snacks with a few things for a quick trip. A classic among classics because everyone had one for sure!

Easy to bring, cozy, fits well and most of all the weight of our stuff is equally divided among our shoulders. Women backpacks are designed for every occasion, every adventure near and far. You can even choose from a variety of colors to its individualized sizes.

When choosing one, you also need to consider what you’ll use it for. Is it just for daily use? Do you need it to carry your heavy stuff? Is it for long travels? You have to think about its main use before choosing a color or design.

Best Travel Backpacks for Woman

Choose wisely (that your shoulders will say thank you)

Each year more and more items and designs come out for people to choose what they need and like. Choosing is not an easy task especially when you have to choose what bag to use or purchase. It’s not a love at first sight thing when it comes to bags. The first time you choose one bag and then you see another, one then another until your mind scrambles up.

There are even leather or canvas type of backpacks that are to die for. Some may be pricey but some are just the right price for you. Bags are of different forms and sizes that work for every person. At the end of the day, it’s you who makes the decision. Always consider what the bag is for, what it will carry, where it will be used and the quality if it will last before checking for secondary ones like color, size, comfort, etc.

Travel backpacks are for everyone to use. This is one of the best options one has when you want to travel light and still be able to bring your essential and extra stuff with you.

Types of Backpacks

Travel Backpacks for Woman

  • Traditional Backpack

This is one true option for every person. It’s something that each one of us can use daily. This is one where you can put all your stuff for the day and be ready for anything at work or school.

  • Daypack

This one is somewhat the same with our traditional one but a smaller version where you can only bring the most essential or standard things you’ll need for the day.

  • Overnight Backpack

Not the same with a traveling pack, these bags are large enough to hold personal essentials, clothes, extra or emergency stuff for an overnight trip. It’s the same as a regular backpack but with extra pockets and slots plus more space inside for clothing.

  • Hiking Bag

Hiking doesn’t mean going on a trip for an hour or two. Most of the time, it is a full day trip. It will require you to bring plenty and I mean a lot of essentials since you’ll be out of the city. Lots of pockets, much bigger space, has loops and lash-on points and high-end ones even have a hip belt and all those extra precautions.

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  • Cycling Backpack

If you’re more of a fit rider like commuting by bike, getting your stuff ready inside a backpack is the best and easiest storage option you have. You can keep the load evenly among your shoulders and be steady while on the road.

  • Work Backpack

Or, also mostly known as Laptop backpack nowadays. Working means you have to bring your laptop with you 24/7. It should have a lot of inside pockets for your important stuff and at the same time for your laptop. The bag should have a compartment for one’s laptop that contains other things that he will need like extra corporate or non-corporate clothes, shoes, socks and maybe a couple of clean paper and maybe books.

  • Travel Backpack

Travel means more than just a day or overnight. They are made for you to pack extra things that include what you need and even what you don’t need. These are outdoor-oriented bags that can stand the weight or load wherever you go.

You can also add a sub-type of this bag which is a business travel backpack where it includes a lot of secured pockets for document safekeeping, for your laptop and even your binders.

It takes a lot of effort and there are a lot of decisions made when choosing the right bag for you. It will require a lot of thinking and rethinking of whatever is best for each one of us to use. It does not just grab and go but instead one has to take it slow in choosing the best option they have for each occasion. Not every backpack is an answer to your travel goals. Take time to sit, relax and go over your choices.


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