Why Downtime Is Important To Travellers

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Why Downtime Is Important To Travellers

Last Updated on: Jun 5, 2024 

When people think about travelling, the first thing that comes to their mind is beautiful beaches, majestic mountain ranges, delicious delicacies, amazing people and picturesque landscapes. One particular aspect of travelling that most people would like to forget is that it is tiring.

Now, if your idea of travelling is making the most out of a tourist spot well then you need to take a break. Your FOMO (fear of missing out) can backfire right at you. Travelling or going on vacation should be a balance between being spontaneous and taking it easy. Think quality than quantity. No amount of pictures in Instagram can amount to the quality of experience and genuine fun you had.

If you still feel like having dozens of passport stamps is the ultimate travel game, then you need to hear some reasons why having downtime is important to travellers.

You exercise more than you think

The most activity you are going to do when out and about in a new foreign country is to walk around and check out local spots in the neighbourhood. Walking is good exercise but it can be very very tiring. After a long day of walking around, sightseeing and exploring, you are going to be exhausted.

If you aren’t used to walking a lot, this can really take its toll. If you don’t give yourself a break it can cause you to miss out on other things you would have seen if you weren’t overly tired.

Travel Burnout

The excitement of new things on sight, the tempting food on the street, hearing foreign languages everywhere. It’s a whole new level of sensory overload. Doing this too often or continuously over a period of time can lead to travel burnout.

You will hit the road where the excitement is nowhere to be found. Amazing sights, fabulous landmark and amazing cities feel like nothing to you. It feels like a part of you is missing. Like nothing is exciting anymore and that feels scary. Travelling should be fun, exciting and adventurous. If you take time to relax even the most exciting places will become boring.

Sleep Is Important

It is inevitable to want to party til the sun comes up while exploring a new country. Partying, drinking, and clubbing are great ways to meet new people. But remember that sleep is important to keep you healthy while you are in your adventure. There are many benefits of having an adequate amount of sleep

  • allows you to explore more places in the country
  • prevents you from getting sick
  • energizes you for tomorrow
  • keeps you in shape

Keeping In Touch

Having downtime or a break from travelling will help you keep in touch with people back home. It is important to keep your family up-to-date on what’s up with you. Give them a video call and let them see the place you’re staying at. Also, why not take this time to catch up on your favourite series. Open your laptop or plugin that streaming stick and take a much-needed break. That’s one FOMO you don’t want to experience ones you get home. They’ll be tempted to give you some spoilers.

Money Matters

Joining a tour group, paying a tour guide, expenses for food and transportation, not to mention the entrance fees to various tourist site can make your funds run low. Having a bit of downtime can let your finances take a break and breath for a while. When you rest, so does your wallet.

In addition, having downtime can let you reconsider your previous plans if they are still feasible or worth it. There are hidden gems in every city or country you visit that is not in the Trip Advisor. Maybe when you get to talk to some locals, you may reconsider some of your planned schedules.

Travel Downtime

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