Some things all tourists should know before visiting Malta

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Last Updated on: Aug 19, 2021 

Every year, Malta gets more than a million visitors from abroad (before the pandemic, at least) who are all eager to relax and explore the beautiful natural and urban environments that the country has to offer. However, as in all countries, there are some things and nuances that you should know about Malta before visiting, in order to make your stay more enjoyable and smoother. So, let’s find out some things you should know before going to Malta as a tourist!

Popeye village Malta

How to get around the island

Obviously, Malta isn’t colossally large and seeing all of the sights isn’t mega time-consuming. However, it isn’t all that tiny either and you have to have a reasonable means of transportation to get from your hotel or apartment to the most important sights or other points of interest.

These are the most popular means of transport:

Buses – the public transit system in Malta is good. There are many lines and direct routes to the airport as well as lines which run at night. However, the only advisable time to use the bus is not during peak season. They get too crowded during that time of year. Other than that, it’s a popular choice of transit.

Car renting – car rentals are more popular amongst business or frequent visitors of the island. It’s convenient, but does cost quite a lot, compared to other methods.

By foot – you can only go so far. There are some hiking trails, but most locations are quite spread out and aren’t easily reached by merely walking

Taxi – or ride sharing. If you want a cheap taxi in Malta, it’s best to download a free taxi or ride-sharing app and use these services instead of hopping into the first taxi you see. This saves a lot of money for you and prevents unpleasant experiences. Alternative to taxis, Malta can offer more environmentally friendly solutions – carpooling.

Bikes/scooters/mopeds, etc. – in some parts of the island, you have above average bike and motorcycle infrastructure, but Malta isn’t the best place to cycle around in.

Boat – if you can afford it, or if you want to travel to a different island of Malta, ferries and boats are your choice.

Boats in Malta

All things considered, if you want to move within Malta or Gozo, choose ride-sharing. It’s just like a taxi, only cheaper and helps you to familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

It gets quite chilly in winter

Most people imagine that it’s hot in the Mediterranean all-year-round. While hot weather is true for about 300 days of the year, there are 6-8 weeks of winter when temperatures have been known to dip below 10 degrees Celsius or 50 Fahrenheit. However, in comparison to most of Europe, it’s still fairly nice but you do need to pack a jacket if you’re visiting in that period from late November until March.

Most Maltese people are bilingual or even trilingual

Malta has its own unique and distinct language. Most people have a common misconception that because it’s close to Italy, Malta is very Italian. And even though you can’t deny the fact that there have been some influences, Malta is very different from Italy and the Malti language is actually a mix of Italian, Arabic and some other languages. It sounds unique and is very hard to learn.


But you needn’t worry because roughly 90% of Malta’s population are fluent in English. That’s because for a very long time, Malta has been under the influence of the United Kingdom. Also because of the geographical proximity to Italy, Malta’s folk are also adept users of Italian (more than a half).


It’s very safe

Pretty much every country in the European Union is very safe. Rates of violent crimes are very low and you can travel around without fear or hesitation. Apart from one or two places on the island where there’s a lot of nightlife around, even pickpocketing isn’t an issue that you should be concerned about. Thus, Malta can definitely be labelled as a safe holiday destination for singles, couples, families and groups too.

Great place to settle and/or start a business

If you fall in love with Malta or if you see some potential business venture opportunities, don’t hesitate to go for them. Malta is an international trade and business hub that attracts large companies from all over the world. Due to its attractive taxation policy, it pays off to open a business here. Besides, due to the warm weather, culture full of heritage and lots of unique people, settling and moving to Malta permanently is definitely a lucrative opportunity!

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