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Last Updated on: Nov 23, 2023 

There’s something a little different about watching a travel program that hails from another country. It just seems that bit more authentic or even personal – think vacationing in someone’s home rather than staying in a generic hotel!

American travel programs featuring other countries will likely hone in on the more popular spots. Watch any US travel feature about the UK, and you’ll probably not hear about anywhere other than London or Edinburgh. However, home-grown travel programs are more likely to feature places that are off the beaten track and less touristy, opening whole new worlds for foreign tourists.

London skyline with ferris wheel

Where to watch the best British travel programs

The UK’s BBC is one of the world’s oldest broadcasting organizations and has a fantastic reputation for high-quality programming.  You can even use the BBC iPlayer VPN for online streaming, where you can access a huge library of on-demand content. This is especially convenient if you don’t live in the UK or when you’re traveling outside of the UK. BBC iPlayer is packed with popular British dramas, sports, news coverage, and children’s programs, which makes iPlayer a great place to start for some first-rate shows.

Here are some of our favorites.

Great British Railway Journeys

This is a captivating travel program presented by British journalist and broadcaster Michael Portillo. Portillo travels around the UK and Europe via the country’s historic railways, visiting some iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

The scenery alone is enough to make you want to hop on board, and each episode explores different essences of British society and culture. The program is choc-full of anecdotes relating to travel, history, and heritage through an enlightening and engaging narrative. The ultimate comfort TV!

The Travel Show

The Travel Show is the BBC’s flagship program which offers viewers the chance to explore diverse cultures and lifestyles. The premise of the show is to explore unique destinations across the globe or uncover hidden spots in popular destinations.

Episodes cover a broad spectrum of travel-related themes, including culinary exploration, adventure sports, and cultural encounters, whilst offering viewers invaluable travel advice along the way.

If the combination of vibrant storytelling and stunning visuals doesn’t inspire your inner wanderlust, then nothing will!

Amazing Hotels

Maybe not the best option to watch if you’ve just booked a camping holiday or a 2* motel! Unsurprisingly, Amazing Hotels showcases extraordinary and luxury hotels from Europe to Malaysia, which you can also book via an online travel agency.

Each episode not only delves into the sheer opulence and grandeur of each property, but also gives us a glimpse of the stunning surrounding locations.

The show also provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the hospitality on offer in some of the world’s most exclusive resorts.

With Simon Reeve

Known for his engaging storytelling and exciting adventures, author and television presenter Simon Reeve is a bit of a British institution when it comes to travel programs. Reeve has hosted numerous documentaries for the BBC, all offering a unique blend of insightful commentary and stunning visuals.

Whether it’s a local trip to Britain’s Lake District or adventures in Myanmar, these programs go beyond the usual travel log style and often give some fantastic insight into unique environmental challenges or political issues a country or region may be facing.

Love Letters to London with Suggs


In addition to being able to view TV programs on iPlayer, you’ll also have access to some incredible podcasts and audio documentaries.

Hailing from the Ska band Madness, Suggs is somewhat of a national treasure in the UK, and his cheeky cockney charm teamed with his clear passion for the city of London, make him the perfect presenter.

The visceral language and evocative storytelling in this incredibly engaging series means you don’t need images on a screen to picture Suggs’ tales of real-life pirates, pickpockets, and hidden taverns!

Whether it’s to broaden horizons or evoke the nostalgia of seeing places we’ve already been, a travel log from abroad is a great way to take a trip around the world without having to even leave the sofa.

Whether it’s the sheer amount of research and detail that goes into the making, the beautiful cinematography, or the charm of the presenters, nowhere offers travel viewing quite like the UK!

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