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Last Updated on: May 19, 2019 

Think of Karnataka and a number of wonderful images come to mind. There is the old world charm of towns and villages, welcoming rural folk, as well as, the buzz of the fast-paced city life. You will find numerous tourists places in Karnataka. The state is immersed in tradition yet, it is one of the pioneers of the information technology industry in the country.

Here’s a list of things to do in Karnataka we put together for you to explore in this majestic state. There are a number of resorts such as Discovery Village spread across the state for you to unwind after all these fun adventures and tours.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace, Karnataka

This palace is among the most opulent royal buildings ever built in India. After the Taj Mahal, the Mysore palace ranks as the second most thronged sight in India. This was the seat of the Wodeyar maharajas. The original structure was destroyed by fire in 1897; The monument that stands today was completed in 1912. The grand Indo-Saracenic interior was an amalgamation of mirrors, gaudy colours and stained glass which reflected the status of the monarchs. Furthermore, mosaic floors and intricate paintings depicting the life of the royal family adorned the interiors.

Vittala Temple

view of the Vittala Temple at Hampi

The 16th century Vittala Temple is considered Hampi’s most exquisite structure. The temple is flanked by boulders and is in close proximity to the bazaar. This unfinished structure is believed to have been built during the reign of Krishnadevaraya. The magnificent sculptures considered to be the pinnacle of Vijayanagar art stand tall even today. The masterpiece of this monument is the courtyard’s stone chariot, which is illustrated on the ₹50 note. Each of the 81 pillars that support this structure represents 81 unique Indian instruments. The sanctum of the main temple was illuminated using water, which reflected light into the chamber.

Bidar Fort

Front view of Bidar Fort in Karnataka

Source: Wikimedia

The Bidar Fort was the largest fort to be built in South India. Today, only the ruins of this 15th century marvel exist in the region. It was the administrative capital in the yesteryears. The Bidar Fort was encompassed by a triple moat of solid red rock and expansive defence walls that ran for kilometres. It had 37 bastions, a vast magazine and several wells. You’ll need a few hours to explore this beauty thoroughly.

Golgumbaz Fort

Gol Gumbaz Fort, Karnataka

Source: Wikimedia

Set in tranquil manicured gardens, the impressive Golgumbaz is the mausoleum of Emperor Mohammed Adil Shah, along with his two wives, his mistress, one of his daughters and a grandson. Seven-storey octagonal minarets with enormous domes are placed at each corner of the building. You will realise the sheer scale of this majestic monument once you are inside it. The Golgumbaz has cavernous interiors which have a powerful and austere beauty. Tread the steep, narrow steps to reach the ‘whispering gallery’ on top of the towers. The acoustics of this structure is brilliant. The vast dome echoes to the cries, yelps, claps, shouts and screams of the people that flock it. A slender exterior balcony encircles the dome, from which you can witness the city’s ancient fortifications and a horizon strewn with the domes of various monuments. You can descend to the ground level via a separate staircase.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Cubbon Park is a well-maintained 120-hectare garden in the heart of Bangalore’s business district. It is the ideal spot for the city’s residents to steal a moment from the rat race that life is. A red-stained Gothic style State Central Library sits amidst the green. Although, Cubbon Park is not completely free from traffic, except on Sundays, when there are regular concerts, social awareness camps, fun runs, as well as, a small scale farmers market to pick up fresh produce. Other marvellous colonial structures around the park include the massive Vidhana Soudha, which was built in 1954 in the Neo-Dravidian style of architecture, the High Court and the neoclassical Attara Kacheri, which was built in 1864. The latter two buildings are out of bounds for the general public.

These are just a few spots to visit, explore in the state of Karnataka. The state has a lot more to offer.

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