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Meghalaya, Northeast India

Last Updated on: Jun 7, 2018 

About this Blog: (Updated in 2023) Meghalaya is one of our favourite destinations in Northeast India. We have explored Meghalaya extensively and in almost all the seasons. While we have travelled the popular tourist attractions of Meghalaya, what stole our heart is the nondescript and offbeat Meghalaya. This blog is about unexplored Meghalaya. Here we have listed a few of the offbeat places in Meghalaya. We have added a few more places in 2023.

Meghalaya is definitely an all-around destination. The natural landscape of the place is enchanting and totally justifies its sobriquet of “Halfway to Heaven”. Meghalaya is like a nirvana for the nature addicts, the ultimate paradise for the thrill seekers. Hills, waterfalls, root bridges, clear water pools, you find everything there.

The mysterious Krem Chympe - 5th longest Caves in Meghalaya

We have travelled quite extensively across Meghalaya and explored its hidden treasures. From the waterfalls to the tea gardens, Meghalaya is dotted with natural wonders all throughout. The beauty of unexplored Meghalaya lies in its offbeat tracks.

In our previous post, we had given a comprehensive guide to travelling in Meghalaya. In this post, we are writing about offbeat Meghalaya. Yes, there are lots of offbeat places in Meghalaya that are full of surprises. So while you are planning a trip to Meghalaya, you can tweak your itinerary a little and include a few of these places.

Offbeat Meghalaya – Unexplored Places to Visit

  1. Wari Chora
  2. Krem Chympe
  3. Wahniangleng
  4. Markham Valley
  5. Langkawet
  6. Mawryngkhang
  7. Mawlyngot
  8. Kongthong
  9. Mawlyngbna
  10. Umden
  11. Mawphanlur
  12. Nongkhnum Island
  13. Ialong
  14. Shnongpdeng
  15. Laitlum and Smit
  16. Phe Phe Falls
  17. Tura, Garo Hills

Detailed Guide of Offbeat Meghalaya

1. Wari Chora

Colours of Wari Chora

Wari Chora is a hidden paradise in Meghalaya. Located in the forests of South Garo Hills, the place is relatively unexplored. Wari Chora is basically a small canyon with the river Rongdik flowing in between towering gorges. The views of Wari Chora are simply astounding.

What is so special about Wari Chora? The place is like a dreamland. To reach Wari Chora, you have to offroad and then trek through dense forests to reach the riverside. From there, a canoe or raft will take you through one of the most beautiful rivers in the country. There is a waterfall that will simply take your breath away.

There is an interesting legend about Wari Chora. It is believed that the place is protected by 7 serpents, who wreck a havoc on anyone who disrespects the river and nature.

There are some places whose beauty and serenity cannot be described by words. Wari Chora is one such place. You have to visit there to feel the place. Until then, you can read our blog on Wari Chora.

How to reach Wari Chora?

The nearest major town from Wari Chora is Baghmara, which is 285 km from Shillong and 250 km from Guwahati. From Baghmara, you have to reach Emangre village. from Emangre, you have to offroad about 15 km to reach the point from where the trek to the riverside starts. After that, you have to trek for about an hour to reach Wari Chora.

If you search for Wari Chora on Google Maps, you will probably not find any proper direction. Also the map will not give you proper direction to Emangre as well. It is better to ask locals for directions and help. Do take a local guide while visiting Wari Chora.

Where to Stay at Wari Chora?

There is a homestay at Emangre village and another one at Dabangre village.

2. Krem Chympe

Krem Chympe is the 5th longest cave in India. Located in the East Jaintia Hills, this hidden cave in Meghalaya, along with Chympe waterfalls is one of the most beautiful places to visit. While Chympe waterfalls is often visited, Krem Chympe or the Chympe Caves are relatively unexplored.

Krem Chympe is limestone cave with the river flowing inside it. Krem Chympe has nearly 50 natural dams along the main river passage inside it. There are numerous natural pools as well. Krem Chympe is the home to the largest cave fish in the planet. There is also a huge colony of bats inside the cave.

As for the Chympe waterfall, it is one of the most exquisite waterfalls I have seen in Meghalaya. The waterfall has three drops before it falls into an emerald pool beneath. The place is quite serene.

How to reach?

To reach Krem Chympe, you have to first reach Brishyrnot village. Brishyrnot is about 126 km from Shillong and it is better to book a cab to reach here. From Brishyrnot, there are two ways you can reach Chympe Waterfalls and Krem Chympe. You can either trek or take a 4-wheel drive. The trekking trails is about 5 km through the forests. Alternatively, you can take a 4-wheel drive till Khaddum village and then trek.

Read our blog on Krem Chympe to know more about it.

Google Maps are not quite reliable in these places. So it is better to take the help of local guides.

Where to Stay?

As of now, there are no places to stay near Krem Chympe. You have to stay at Jowai.

3. Wahniangleng

Wahniangleng is another unexplored and offbeat place in Meghalaya that will simply take your breath away. The landscape is gorgeous and the entire place is so serene. Wahniangleng is actually a camping ground, but you can also make a day trip there.

Wahniangleng is a beautiful meadow where the two rivers meet and has formed a gorgeous landscape. The towering pine trees make the place look ethereally beautiful. You can simply spend time there sitting at the meadows and looking at the rivers.

Located near Mylliem, the place is only 30 km from Shillong. Once you reach the parking area, you have to trek for about 45 minutes to reach one of the most serene and gorgeous places in Shillong.

How to reach Wahniangleng?

Wahniangleng is located only 30 km from Shillong. This time you can follow the Google Maps to the place. Once you reach the Parking area, you have to trek for about 45 minutes from there.

Where to Stay in Wahniangleng?

There are no places to stay in Wahniangleng. But if you have a tent and camping equipment, you can do camping there. Otherwise, you can make a day trip to Wahninagleng from Shillong.

4. Markham Valley

Markham Valley Offbeat Meghalaya

When I first saw the pictures of Markham Valley, I was totally awestruck. Rolling green valleys, meadows and clouds floating over the hill top – the place looked perfect. Markham Valley reflects the beauty of the West Khasi Hills. There is a viewpoint from where you can get the undulating views of the low-lying hills.

If you reach early in the morning, then you will be rewarded with the beautiful sight of clouds over these hills.

How to reach Markham Valley?

The distance of the viewpoint from Shillong is about 62 km. You have to hire a car to reach the place. There is no public transport in the area.

Where to stay?

The best place to stay while visiting Markham Valley is at Mawphanlur, 26 km away from Markham. In that way, you can also explore Mawphanlur as well. There are a few homestays and a Travellers Nest available here.

You can also stay at Mairang town, 18 km away. This small town has a few basic hotels. There are no places to stay at Markham as of now.

5. Langkawet

The Church at Langkawet looks like a fairytale place

Langkawet is a perfect dreamland and one of the gems of offbeat Meghalaya. We had visited here after a tiring day completing the Nongriat Trek. And Langkawet provided the perfect respite. If there is any place that you had imagined while reading bed time fairy stories, Langkawet can prove to be quite close to that.

Langkawet is a small village located in the Pynursla Block of East Khasi Hill. Surrounded by green hills, the place is an utter bliss. We stayed at Langkawet Resort, a gorgeous resort having only 4 huts amidst acres of meadow. There is a small lake just in front of the resort.

The best thing you can do at Langkawet is to laze and chill around. There is a waterfall a little away from the resort that you can visit.

Lakeside Resort Langkawet

How to reach Langkawet?

Langkawet is located about 60 km from Shillong. You will get shared sumo from Bara bazzar stand of Shillong to Pynursla. From Pynursla, Langkawet is around 8 km. From Pynursla, you have to hire a private cab for Langkawet. There are no shared vehicles.

Where to stay at Langkawet?

Lakeside Resort Langkawet

6. Mawryngkhang or Bamboo Trail

U Mawrynkhang - the King of Stones

This place is undoubtedly one of the most offbeat places in Meghalaya. Located in the Pynursla sub-division, Mawryngkhang Trek or the Bamboo Trail is the latest addition of the adventure activities in Meghalaya.

What is so special about this place? Mawryngkhang Trek is said to be the scariest trek in Meghalaya. It is actually a bamboo trail and skywalk made across the Wahrew River. The trail gradually ascends hugging the cliff until it reaches Mawkhlieng Cliff and then finally to the top of U Mawryngkhang.

There is an interesting Khasi folklore about Mawryngkhang. Head over to our post on U Mawrungkhang to know more about it.

The trek starts at Wahkhen village. The village in itself is a beautiful place and the trek definitely gives you some of the breathtaking views of the valley. However, the trek is definitely not for acrophobics.

Bamboo Trail Meghalaya Guide

How to reach Wahkhen?

Public transport to Wahkhen village is almost non-existent. Wahkhen is located about 50 km from Shillong. It is better to hire a car to reach Wahkhen village. For those looking for shared vehicles, there is one shared sumo that starts from Shillong Bara Bazaar to Wahkhen village. However, that reaches in the evening. And as of now, there are no accommodation options at Wahkhen.

7. Mawlyngot

Travellers Nest Mawlyngot Offbeat places in Meghalaya

We had seriously not heard about Mawlyngot before we visited there on the suggestion of our friend. The place is amidst some lovely tea gardens and a quiet village. Mawlyngot has an interesting story too. The village was earlier just a nondescript place, but after tea plantations started, the future of Mawlyngot changed for the better.

At Mawlyngot, you can go for day treks and go for a walk in the tea gardens. And don’t forget to listen to the stories of the village.  

How to reach Mawlyngot?

From Shillong, the place is around 45 km and you can hire a car to reach Mawlyngot. You can also get shared sumos and bus from Lewduh, Shillong to Mawlyngot. Travellers Nest Mawlyngot Offbeat places in Meghalaya

Where to stay at Mawlyngot?

Travellers Nest, Mawlyngot

8. Kongthong

Kongthong in Meghalaya is really a very interesting place. It is a small village situated away from the world in the lap of nature in the remote east Khasi hills. Kongthong is also known as the whistling village, where tunes are used instead of names. This oral tradition is carried on from generations to generations.

Whenever a child is born in the Kongthong village, the mother composes a lullaby that becomes the identity of that person for the entire life. The tune is unique to each child. The lullaby has no words; it is only a kind of hum that only the villagers are able to comprehend! Isn’t it so fascinating? At Kongthong, you just need to relax and enjoy nature and then try to learn the tunes of the villagers. May be, you can compose one tune for yourself too!

How to reach Kongthong?

Kongthong is located around 55 km from Shillong. You can hire a car from Shillong to reach here. Shared Sumos are available from Lewduh Sumo Stand near Bara Bazar in Shillong.

Where to stay at Kongthong?

Travellers’ Nest Kongthong

One homestay is also available.

9. Mawlyngbna

Boating can be done at Mawlyngbna _ Meghalaya bike trip

Mawlyngbna is the adventure hub of Meghalaya. This place has fossils dated 200 million years ago! Locals believe that the place was once under the seabed (I do not know how sea was present at this place), Mawlyngbna has a lot of activities to offer.

Things to do at Mawlyngbna

There are a number of short hikes here that will take you to beautiful waterfalls or the fossil park where you can have a look at the fossils.

You can visit the pitcher plant farm from where you can actually drink nectar from the plant.

You can head towards the Um-kha-koi reservoir. You can do kayaking, angling and cliff jumping here.

Be your adventurous self at Mawlyngbna. And after a thrilling day of adventure, you will love to stay in cottages or tents inside the jungle. And before I forget, the food is really awesome here. Though you will not get any shops for food or snacks, the food provided by the Traveller’s Nest tastes delicious.

How to reach Mawlyngbna?

You can hire a car from Shillong to reach here. As for local vehicles, there are no direct local vehicles from Shillong. You can come to Mawphlang and then have to hire a car to Mawlyngbna. I don’t know if there are any direct shared sumos from Shillong to Mawlyngbna.

Where to stay at Mawlyngbna?

Travellers’ Nest Mawlyngbna

10. Umden

Travellers' Nest in Umden - Offbeat Meghalaya

The silk weavers village of Meghalaya is situated in Ri-Bhoi district of Khasi Hills. A beautiful village surrounded by the Khasi hills, the journey to Umden is a long one through beautiful valleys and fields. Umden is a bit different from the rest of the places in Meghalaya. The village is beautiful and is known for its eri-silk production.

You can see the process of sericulture here and also buy some beautiful scarf of eri-silk. Eri or Endi is a type of silk that is a product of silkworm that feeds mainly on a type of castor leaves. During the extraction process of silk, the weavers do not kill the silkworms as is done in normal sericulture process.

According to the villagers, this is the ‘ahimsa’ tradition of sericulture Apart from gaining an insight into sericulture, you can take a walk around the village.

How to reach Umden?

Umden is located about 75 km from Shillong. From Shillong, you will get shared jeeps to Nongpoh. From Nongpoh, you have to hire an auto to Umden. You can also hire a car for yourself.

Where to stay at Umden?

Travellers’ Nest Umden. The food is quite delicious at the Travellers’ Nest. Chicken or pork cooked in bamboo is highly recommended.

11. Mawphanlur

Offbeat places to visit in Meghalaya Kongthong

Mawphanlur is like a dreamland. The village surrounded by crystal clear pools is definitely worth visiting. The water bodies here provide ample opportunities for water sports. You can also go for a trek to the nearby Mawthadraisan peak from where you will get panoramic views of the plains of Assam.

How to reach Mawphanlur?

Mawphanlur  is located about 70 km from Shillong. You can hire a car from Shillong to reach here.  Alternatively, you can take shared cabs from Shillong to Nongstoin and get down at Markasa village. From Markasa, you have to take a private vehicle to reach Mawphanlur. You will need a four-wheel vehicle to reach the village.

Where to stay at Mawphanlur?

Mawphanlur Travellers’ Nest

12. Nongkhnum Island

Nongkhnum Island Meghalaya

Nongkhnum Island is the largest river island in Meghalaya and is said to be the second largest in India. And before you think whether this place is like Majuli, let me tell you it is not so. Nongkhnum Island is located quite away from civilization and the last stretch of roads is pathetic in condition. But once you reach the place, you will not regret your decision to come here.

The river island was formed by the bifurcation of Meghalaya’s longest river Kynshi into Phanliang and Namliang River. You will get blue rivers, a beautiful sandy beach, waterfalls and complete seclusion. The visit to Nongkhnum Island can be clubbed with Mawphanlur as they are in the same direction.

How to reach Nongkhnum Island?

Nongkhnum is around 110 km from Shillong. Take a shared jeep to Nongstoin and from there, you have to take a car to Nongkhnum. The stretch from Nongstoin to Nongkhnum is in pretty bad condition.

13. Ialong

They say that Ialong is better than words. Ialong is a quiet, unassuming village in the East Jaintia hills having around 400 households who love celebrations. The Ialong Nature Park is the place where tranquility is profound. The place is situated atop a hill and offers an amazing view of the Pynthorwah Valley. You can go for small treks and hikes here. Camping can also be arranged by the Myntdu River nearby.

How to reach Ialong?

Ialong is around 8 km from Jowai, the headquarters of West Jaintia hills. You will get shared sumo from Shilling to Jowai. But we recommend to hire a car to reach Ialong.

Where to stay at Ialong?

Ialong Travellers’ Nest

14. Shnongpdeng

Shnongpdeng Unexplored Meghalaya

If you find Dawki to be a bit crowded, then Shnongpdeng should be your destination of offbeat Meghalaya. Located about 8 km from Dawki, Shnongpdeng has the beauty of Dawki and also serenity and calm. We were quite taken with this place. Waking up to chirping of birds just beside the Umngot River seemed a perfect thing.

Situated in the Jaintia Hills, this sleepy village is a perfect place to indulge in water activities. You can do scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and cliff jumping here. And if you do not want to take part in these activities, you can simply take a ride in the country boat on the clear waters of Umngot.

How to reach Shnongpdeng?

Shnongpdeng is located around 90 km from Shillong. There are local vehicles from Shillong, but they are very less in number.

Where to stay at Shnongpdeng?

Numerous tents and a few homestays are available at Shnongpdeng.

15. Laitlum and Smit

Laitlum Canyon near Smit Unexplored Meghalaya

From dramatic canyons to the stretches of green meadows, Laitlum seems to be just out of the storybook. The place is a sight for the sore eyes. Located quite close to Shillong, this is place is often overlooked by the tourists. This place is indeed one of Meghalaya’s natural wonders and quite an unexplored place in Meghalaya. When we visited there, we hardly saw any tourists. All those present were mainly local people.

Laitlum is known for its canyons. The greenery all around is simply breathtaking. Smit village is located nearby and is also culturally important. Smit is the residence of the traditional kings of the region and every year hosts the Nongkrem Dance.  

How to reach Laitlum?

Laitlum is located about 22 km from Shillong. You can rent a bike to from Shillong to visit this place. You can also get a cab and visit laitlum and Smit.

16. Phe Phe Falls

Phe Phe Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in unexplored Meghalaya.  This waterfall is located about 20 km from Jowai on the way towards Krangsuri Falls. This is a two-tiered waterfall and looks absolutely breathtaking. You can walk to the top of the waterfall and see the second part of the waterfall.

How to reach Phe Phe Falls?

Phe Phe Falls is located about 20 km from Jowai. From Shillong Anjali Taxi Stand, you can take a shared sumo to Jowai. The falls is located on the road connecting Jowai and Dawki. From Jowai, you can hire a car to the Falls.

Where to stay?

There is an adventure campsite near Phe Phe Falls, Paradise Adventure Camp where you can stay.

17. Tura, Garo Hills

Wangala Festival in Tura Meghalaya

Tura is the headquarters of Garo Hills in Meghalaya. The Garo Hill regions are quite unexplored in Meghalaya. Garo region has a number of attractions and the area can be explored while keeping Tura your base.

You can visit Tura Peak, Nokrek National Park, Pelga Falls all located near Tura. The Garo Hills boasts of some of the longest caves in Meghalaya. Siju Caves has some stunning stalactites and stalagmites. Another interesting place is the Balpakram National Park.

I had visited Tura during 100 Drums Wangala Festival in November. Though we had not explored the place to the full at that time, we definitely realized that Garo Hills is a place where we would definitely come back again.  

How to reach Tura?

Tura is 315 km from Shillong and about 220 km from Guwahati. You will get night buses from both Shillong and Guwahati towards Tura. Shared sumos are also available during the day.

Where to stay?

There are a number of hotels and homestays available at Tura.

We love to explore these offbeat places and will keep on looking for more. You can keep these places in your itinerary when you visit Meghalaya.  If there are other places which we have missed, please do let us know. We would definitely love to include them on this list. 

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    There are many beautiful places in Garo Hills other than Tura. The headquarters of South Garo Hills, known as Baghmara, is a nice town with the Pitcher Plant Sanctuary and the Baghmara Reserve Forest located nearby and the River Simsang, flowing down to Bangladesh. There are also, several other beautiful tourist spots in the same district, like the Dobakkol, meaning Bats’ Cave (in the Garo language) at the Siju village, the Tetengkol or Pygmies’ Cave at the Nengkong village, as well as, the famous Balpakram National Park in which is the final resting place of the Dead Souls, according to the Garo Folklore. The Meghalaya Tourism Deptt. has Tourist Lodges at Baghmara and Siju, as well as, a Circuit House at Baghmara. The Meghalaya Forest Deptt. has a Forest Lodge at Balpakram. Also, there are Homestays at Reserve Gittim, Baghmara for the convenience of tourists.

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