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Last Updated on: Apr 2, 2017 

About this blog:There are many gorgeous destinations that make North Bengal tourism quite interesting. In this blog, we have collected a few beautiful and offbeat places in North Bengal that you can plan to visit for a weekend. Whether you are from Kolkata or Siliguri, these places are quite perfect if you want to spend a weekend away from your daily life.

North Bengal is definitely one of our favourite destinations. North Bengal boasts of mountains, tea gardens, forests and rivers. What can I say about North Bengal tourism? And I believe that this part of Bengal is also one of your coveted places to visit as well. The place is of unending natural beauty and there are a number of offbeat places in North Bengal that you can visit.  

View from Bagora - North Bengal Tourism

There are two very distinct parts of North Bengal tourism – the Dooars regions and the hills of Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Dooars is in the foothills of the Himalayas and you will find picturesque hamlets, mountain rivers, tea gardens and forests to enchant you. The mountains of Darjeeling and Kalimpong are beautiful in their own rights. North Bengal has a number of small villages that attracts a number of tourists all through the year.


In this blog, we have collated a few offbeat places in North Bengal where you can visit for a relaxing weekend. These places in Dooars, Darjeeling and Kalimpong area will definitely give you more ideas to spend your weekend in the serenity and peace of nature.

Usually, to reach any of these destinations, you have to first reach Siliguri. You can either take a train to reach New Jalpaiguri or fly into Bagdogra Airport. From either NJP or Bagdogra, you can hire a full car to reach any of these offbeat destinations. So while writing about these places, I have given how you can reach the nearest major town by shared vehicle.

As for reaching NJP, there are a number of trains available from Sealdah and Howrah Station. Our favourite ones are Darjeeling Mail and Padatik Express, because of their timing. We can just finish off our office on Friday evening and board the train to NJP.

So enough of my musings! Read on to know about some of the best of North Bengal Tourism – offbeat places in North Bengal that you should visit.

Offbeat Places in North Bengal – Dooars Region

1. Rongo

Homestay at Rongo

A small picturesque hamlet near the hills of Bhutan, Rongo will simply take your breath away. Located about 33 km from New Mal Junction, we recommend the place for its tranquility and peace. You will love the village walks and interacting with the local people.

Distance from Siliguri: 96 km

How to reach Rongo?

Rongo is 96 km from New Jalpaiguri and 33 km from New Mal Junction. Hire a car from NJP or New Mal Junction to Rongo.

What to do? 

Visit the monastery and waterfall, go for village walk

Where to stay?

2. Lepchakha

Lepchakha - North Bengal Tourism

Lepchakha, located further from the Buxa Fort is simply beautiful. Located at the hilltop of Buxa Hill, the main attraction of Lepchakha is the table-top area on the hill. From there you can see all the twelve rivers flowing in the Dooars region. From the top, you will get a panoramic view of the Buxa Tiger Reserve, the Bhutan Hills and the beautiful surroundings.

To reach this gorgeous place, you have to trek from Santalabari to Buxa Fort and then further 3 km to reach Lepchakha. After all, the best views come after hard climbs!

Distance from Alipurduar: 30 km

How to reach Lepchakha?

From Kolkata, take a train to New Alipurduar. From there hire a car to Santalabari. From there, it is a trek of 5.5 km to Lepchakha.

Santalbari is located about 190 km from Siliguri. You have to hire a car from Siliguri to reach there.

What to do?

Enjoy nature. You can trek down to Buxa Fort and also visit Jayanti and Rajabhatkhawa.

Where to stay?

  • Wangmo Homestay: 03566208000
  • Lepchakha Jungle Camp: 7602940025

3. Chilapata

Chilapata Forest

Chilapata is nestled in the heart of the picturesque Eastern Dooars region between the Buxa Tiger Reserve and the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. Although it has not been recognized as a Wildlife Sanctuary or a National Park, Chilapata is the most important migration corridor of large herbivores like the one-horned rhinoceros and the Asiatic Elephants. Situated beside the beautiful Torsha and Bania river, the place is perfect for all those seeking some solace in the lap of nature. Here you can enjoy and experience the wilderness of the forests along with the thrill of the wild and wildlife.

Distance from Siliguri: 145 km

How to reach Chilapata?

The nearest Railway stations are New Alipurduar Junction (26 km) and Hasimara Junction (16 km). You can take a train from Howrah or Sealdah to these places. From the station, you have to hire a car to the forest.

What to do?

Go for Jungle Safari at Chilapata, visit the forest villages, visit the Nalraja Garh located near the Bania River and the nearby tea estates.

You can also visit nearby places like Neora Valley National Park, Jaldapara and Chapramari from here.

Where to stay?

  • Chilapata Jungle Camp (+91 09933356638, 7477869965, 8918718498)
  • Chilapata Inn, Mendabari : +91 9831829399

Remember, forests are usually closed during the monsoon season between June to September.

4. Dalgaon

View from Dalgaon - North Bengal Tourism

A small and beautiful village amidst tea gardens of Dooars and Ipecac plantations, Dalgaon has the charm to make you fall in love with the place. It has the enchanting beauty of Dooars region with the mountains and clouds playing with each other. You can see the Bhutan mountains and Jaldhaka from the nearby viewpoint. The homestay is also quite beautiful

Distance from Siliguri: 125 km

How to reach Dalgaon?

You will get a shared jeep from Siliguri to Dalgaon. Alternatively, you have to hire a car to reach here.

What to do?

Village walk, visit the viewpoint, enjoy nature. You can also go for sightseeing to the nearby places of attraction like Bindu, Jhalong, Samsing, Suntelikhola, Gorumara and Chapramari.

Where to Stay?

Mechilingma homestay, Sangram Sotang : 8145561665

5. Raimatang

Raimatang Homestay, Offbeat place in North Bengal

Raimatang is one of the most beautiful destinations in Dooars region. This offbeat place in North Bengal is nestled amidst the Buxa Tiger Reserve is a quaint forest village and a perfect location for spending a weekend. Raimatang is surrounded by the lush tea gardens of North Bengal as well as the mighty hills.

Raimatang boasts of rich flora and fauna and scenic landscapes. There are a few trekking routes here that can entice the adventure lovers. Located near the Buxa Tiger Reserve, you can also go for Jungle Safari at Buxa Forest, Raimatang is also known for a wide number of bird species; so you can also indulge in bird watching here.

Distance from Siliguri: 74 km

How to reach?

From Kolkata, take a train to New Alipurduar. From there hire a car to Raimatang.

What to do?

Enjoy the landscape, go for jungle safari at Buxa Forest, do birdwatching and spend time at the river side. You can also go trekking to Lepchakha.

Where to stay?

Raimatang Mountain View Homestay : 9475120617

6. Paren

Jaldhaka River near Paren

Paren is an incredibly beautiful destination in western Dooars, situated near the Indo-Bhutan border. Blessed with hilly areas with lush green forests, meandering rivers, stretches of agricultural fields, Paren offers spectacular views of the surroundings.

Paren is endowed with gorgeous green forests, rocky terrains and mountain rivers that make it one of the most coveted and offbeat places in North Bengal. There are a number of trekking routes in Paren, the most famous being the Rachella Pass. Jaldhaka is only 10 km from here.

Distance from Siliguri: 112 km

How to reach?

The nearest Railhead is Malbazar. From there, go to Chalsa and then take a jeep to Paren.

What to do?

Village walks, relaxation in nature, excursion to Todey and Tangta, nearby villages offering spectacular views of the mountains and valleys. You can also visit the nearby attractions like Bindu and Jaldhaka.

Where to Stay?

Khambuhang Nature Camp, Paren – +919475478701

Offbeat Places in North Bengal – Darjeeling Area

7. Singtom Tea Estate

View of he mountains from outside of the private door of the Singtom Suite

Singtom Tea Estate and Resort is one of the best experiences of tea tourism near Darjeeling. Located only 6 km from Darjeeling town, Singtom tea estate is one of the oldest tea estates in Darjeeling area. Tea plantation started in the area around 1852 and the bungalow was constructed in 1862. The place is ideal for a relaxing weekend amidst mountains and tea gardens.

One of the main highlights of the tea resort is that you get one of the best views of Kanchenjunga from the bungalow. So, not only do you have acres of tea gardens to explore, but also get some of the best views of the snow-clad Kanchenjunga ranges. And of course, there is an unlimited supply of fresh Darjeeling Tea!

At Singtom Tea Estate, you can go for tea factory tour, tea plucking tour, tea tasting and picnic at 360 degree point.

Distance from Siliguri: 74 km

How to reach?

From NJP/ Siliguri, you will get shared sumos to Darjeeling. From Darjeeling, you have to hire a car to SIngtom Tea Estate, located about 6 km away.

What to do?

Enjoy the stay at a tea bungalow, Tea factory tour, tea tasting tour, tea plucking tour, picnic at 360-degree point and trekking.

Where to stay?

Singtom Tea Estate and Resort

8. Bunkulung

Balasun River at Bunkulung

Tea gardens, rivers and a quaint village – this is what Bunkulung is all about. Also there are acres of paddy and cardamom fields. Located about 15 km from Mirik, Bunkulung is a paradise for nature lovers. You can explore the tea gardens, go for a village walk and hike to the river side. Bunkulung Eco Huts are the best place to stay.

Distance from Siliguri: 40 km

How to reach Bunkulung?

From Siliguri, take a shared sumo to Mirik. From Mirik hire a car to Bunkulung. There is also a direct road from Siliguri to Bunkulung via Dudhia. This is a shorter routre, but you have to hire a full car in this route.

What to do? 

Go for Village walk, explore the tea gardens, visit the Balasun river side.

Where to stay?

Bunkulung Eco Huts : +91 9073026145

9. Tabakoshi

homestay at Tabakoshi - offbeat weekend getaway from Kolkata

If you want to spend time amidst the tea gardens and experience amazing hospitality, then Tabakoshi is just the place for you. Tabakoshi is situated just 8 km downhill from the Gopaldhara Tea estate. The place is surrounded by lush tea gardens and green hills. Stay at Sunakhari Homestay and enjoy their hospitality. You can also camp beside the river side. The place is  best for spending a relaxing weekend.

Distance from Kolkata: 625 km

How to reach? Take a shared Sumo from Siliguri to Mirik. From Mirik, you have to take a private car to Tabakoshi

What to do? Walk amidst the tea gardens, camp along the Rangbhang River and visit the tea estates like Gopaldhara, Thurbo and Sangma.

Where to stay?

Sunakhari Homestay (+91 70316 63579)

10. Singell

Singell Homestay - offbeat place in North Bengal

Most of us have visited Kurseong on our way to Darjeeling. Singell is a quaint village only 2 km from Kurseong town located amidst farmlands and tea gardens. Singell Homestay is perched just at the cliff end and is a cosy place to stay. A small diversion from the Hill Cart Road will lead to the homestay.

The best part of staying at Singell is that you can see the chugging toy train right from the balcony of the homestay. We literally used to wait for the time for the Darjeeling toy trains so that we could have a look at the chugging trains. A view of the Darjeeling toy train never goes out of time!

 The village is surrounded by tea gardens. You can hike down to Singell Tea Estate to know all about tea processing.

Distance from Siliguri: 40 km

How to reach Singell?

From Siliguri, take a shared sumo to Kurseong. Singell is just 3 km from here. You can walk your way to the homestay or hire a car.

What to do?

Explore the tea gardens, go for village walks, visit Singell tea factory where you can see plucking and processing of tea. You can also visit the nearby tea estates of Castleton, Makaibari, Goomtee and Ambootia. Also visit the Bhangzang Salamander Lake, 14 km away.

Where to stay?

Sanjeema Homestay (+91 89428 18625)

11. Rangaroon

View of Kanchenjunga and Darjeeling from Rangaroon

Rangaroon is a sleepy hamlet perched among the hills and clouds. The place is located only 16 km from Darjeeling. Surrounded by forests and tea estates, Rangaroon is a perfect destination for adventure, wildlife and the tourists who just want to spend a few days away from the busy city life. The homestay looks quaint and beautiful and their hospitality is unmatched. The best part, for us, was the view of Darjeeling town and Kanchenjunga ranges together, just from the homestay! What else could we want?

Distance from Siliguri: 67 km

How to reach Rangaroon?

From Siliguri, take a shared sumo to Darjeeling and get down at Jorebunglow. From there hire a car to Rangaroon. Rangaroon is about 8 km from Jorebunglow.

What to do?

Walk around the village and tea gardens, take a visit to the abandoned tea factory and the Mata Singha Temple. Trek to the Rundung River bank for a half-day picnic.

Where to stay?

Khaling’s Cottage (+91 8101897633)

12. Bagora

Bagora - Offbeat North Bengal

Mountains, mist and pristine nature – that is what Bagora is all about. A beautiful hamlet tucked at an altitude of 7150 ft above the sea level, Bagora is a place where you can simply relax and rejuvenate. Life is slow paced at Bagora and we enjoyed the old world charm of the place.

There is not much to do at Bagora than exploring the village on foot. The mountains are there for your eyes only and the carpet of green grass is to soothe your souls. For those who love hiking, there are a few trekking trails from Bagora to Chimeni, Chatakpur and Latpanchar.

Distance from Siliguri: 58 km

How to reach Bagora?

From Siliguri / NJP, take a shared sumo towards Darjeeling. Get down at Dilaram. From  there you have to take a car to Bagora.

What to do?

Visit the Zero Point, walk through the village and do bird watching. You can also go trekking to Chimeni, Latpanchar or Chatakpur.

Where to stay?

Diki’s Homestay | Contact: +91 8145723177

13. Tumsong Tea Retreat

Tea Gardens in North Bengal

Luxury amidst the tea gardens – this is what Tumsong Tea Retreat is going to provide. Tumsong Tea Estate belongs to the Chamong group and is located near Ghoom, about 298 km from Darjeeling. The entire estate is sprawled across an area of 186 hectares, out of which 114 hectares are tea gardens. 

The Tea estate is surrounded by the gorgeous mountain ranges and you will get a magnificent view of Kanchenjunga from here. There are several other tea gardens around this place. The accommodation is provided in the colonial Managers’ Bungalow. Tumsong Tea Retreat is a high end tea resort where you can experience great hospitality of the tea estates. An array of activities can be enjoyed on site or in the surroundings, including cycling, fishing and hiking.

Ghoom, Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop are all within a short distance.

Distance from Siliguri: 65 km

How to reach?

From NJP or Siliguri, take a car to Tumsong Tea Retreat. It is located very near to Ghoom.

What to do?

Enjoy your stay at the tea garden. Visit the tea factory, go for tea tasting and explore the tea gardens.

Where to Stay?

Tumsong Chiabari Tea Retreat : 9830020620

Offbeat Places in North Bengal – Kalimpong Area

14. Bidyang

Relli River at Bidyang - offbeat places to visit in North Bengal

Bidyang is located only 15 km from Kalimpong town. Surrounded by dense forests of oak, pine and fir, the quaint hamlet is a place of peace and tranquility. The Relli River flows across the valley in all her beauty. Bidyang is known for its silence and solitude. The only sound you can hear is the flowing of the river and chirping of birds. On a full moon night the place looks ethereally beautiful. There are two homestays on either banks of the river where you can stay. 

Distance from Siliguri: 68 km

How to reach Bidyang?

From Siliguri or NJP, reach Kalimpong by car or shared sumo. Bidyang is 15 km from Kalimpong and you have to hire a car to reach there.

What to do?

Village walk, visit the orchards, visit the Relli River. Hike to the waterfalls.

Where to stay?

Relli Riverside Homestay: 8670057310

15. Triveni Camping

Triveni Camping

Triveni Camping is the latest addition to camping near Siliguri. Located at the confluence of Teesta and Rangeet River, Triveni camping site is a place where you will feel connected to nature. Located only 53 km from Siliguri, Triveni can be a perfect weekend getaway to enjoy nature. You can enjoy hiking, fishing, bonfire and Whitewater Rafting here.

Triveni is quite easy to reach and you can get a feel of the nature and wilderness near Siliguri itself. You can also take your bike to ride all the way to Triveni for an adventure-filled weekend.

Distance from Siliguri: 53 km

How to reach Triveni?

Hire a car from Siliguri to reach Triveni Camping site.

What to do?

Hiking, camping, fishing, bonfire and Whitewater Rafting.

Where to stay?

Triveni Riverside Camping – +91 8240923170 / +91 8240978266

16. Bhalukhop

Padmasambhava Statue at Kalimpong

Bhalukhop is a small village near Kalimpong offering magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga ranges. Perched at an altitude of 5300 feet, the place is a great alternative to Kalimpong for those who want some solitude and peace. Here you can wake up to the call of chirping birds, enjoy the fresh air and roam around the village admiring the quaint village.

The best views of the Kalimpong hills are located within a few kilometers from Bhalukhop. The Delo Park and view point, Buddha Statue, Hanuman Temple, Guru Padmasambhava statue are all within 10 km from the village. As it is located on the outskirts of Kalimpong, you can get the best of nature here without having to face the crowd of Kalimpong.

Distance from Siliguri: 68 km

How to reach Bhalukhop?

From New Jalpaiguri, you can take a shared sumo towards Kalimpong. From there reserve a car to Bhalukop.

What to do?

Village walk, bird watching, butterfly watching. You can visit the Deolo Park and also gor for a sightseeing tour to Kalimpong.

Where to stay?

  • Paul Stay | Contact: 7365894045
  • Prem-Dil Niwas | Contact:  9775965523

17. Gitkolbong

Gitkolbong - offbeat North Bengal

This place is so beautiful that you might want to stay here forever. Gitkolbong is located only 8 km from Lava. The place is a unique combination of the Himalayas and tea gardens with the beautiful Gitkol Khola River flowing through the village. There is also a small trekking route through the forest to the hilltop. Camping arrangements can be done at the hilltop as well. You can view the amazing sunrise from the hilltop. In the winters, you might get snowfall in the region.

Distance from Kolkata: 105 km

How to reach Gitkolbong?

From Siliguri, you have to reach Lava. You will get shared sumos from Kalimpong towards Lava. From Lava, you have to hire a car to Gitkolbong.

What to do?

Village walk, see the sunrise, hiking, bird watching. Visit the nearby attractions like Lava, Lolegaon and Charkhole.

Where to Stay?

Bakha Khim Homestay, Suman Khaling : 7679492686

Aerial view of the suspension Bridge at Bidyang

So here was a comprehensive list of offbeat places in North Bengal. As we travel, we will keep updating this post.

Did you find this post useful? Please let us know in comments below. If you like this post or found it useful, please share it with your family, friends and neighbours!

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