9 Amazing Techniques You Can Use to Make Better Travel Videos

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Last Updated on: Mar 22, 2022 

Creating a travel video is a fantastic method to relive memories while also sharing your journey with others. Whether you’re working with a company or making the movie for your pleasure, you’re going to want the top-notch travel video. YouTube and other social sites are full of travel videos. Still, only a few of them make an impression on the minds of the people who watch them. It is possible to enhance your video-making talents while on the road by creating travel movies, and you may experiment with many new ways to record a spectacular video. For those of you who have no idea how to create an eye-catching travel video, we’ve put up a list of the ten most essential tips you need to know.

Top Techniques for Creating Travel Videos that you must follow

1. Pick Your Destination

Photographing Mahaldiram offbeat place near Kurseong

It’s great to go on unplanned trips, but if you’re planning on making a travel video to commemorate your journey, knowing where you’re going ahead of time is a big help! Before you depart, prepare a rough schedule of where you’ll be going and when you’ll be there so that you can plan accordingly.

Planning your final video using this information can help you prepare for your trip, as well as learn about the sights you’ll see on your way there. Use weather forecasts and images of each place to understand the types of shots expected while you’re there. When it comes to taking the perfect clips, the time of day is also quite important.

2. Pack your travel videos wisely

Following that, once you’ve determined the format you’ll be shooting in, it’s crucial to pick what kind of equipment you’ll be using. Many of them bring a slew of gear, including cameras, lenses, microphones, tripods, and SD cards. However, if you think about your travel plans with a clear mind, you will most likely realize that you do not require as much as you might assume.

3. Shoot wisely

Collecting as much as possible is fantastic advice because it provides you with a plethora of data to work from. A common misinterpretation of “shooting enough” is synonymous with “over capturing.” It is customary to begin making videos as soon as they get to their location. Recording unnecessary clips have no use other than to lengthen the time spent on video trimmer in post-production. Unnecessary shots are a waste of time since they merely slow down your editing process.

Taking photographs at Naranag

Instead of creating a video, you should concentrate on enjoying the natural beauty. Never forget that you’re on vacation to relax and enjoy yourself, not shoot a film. Keep a record of the memories and experiences you truly want to recall and cherish for the rest of your life. To get the most stunning movies, capture your videos when optimum lighting is usually early in the morning or around sunset.

4. Add Narrative to a Travel Film

With young kids in Kashmir

Include narration in your story if you want to make it more engaging. Narration can be added in two ways: during your journey and after you return home from it. If you’d like your narration to appear in your video, be sure to talk or shoot yourself in the face when you’re recording or shooting. After the trip has concluded, adding a narrative is also an excellent chance to reflect on your vacation experiences. All that is required is the creation of a screenplay and the recording of it.

5. Carry a wide range of your shots

Capturing videos on Gopro

You must experiment with and variety the methods of capturing videos to maintain the viewers’ interest. Experiment with advanced features such as time-lapse photography, slow spinning, and shooting from a moving vehicle. Graphics and filters are also available during the editing process to give the final product a little glitz and glam. You must employ motion to convey enthusiasm and energy in the scene. Various techniques can be used to bring the video to life, including hyper-lapse, panning, and filming something that is already moving.

6. Editing a video of your trip

Work from Home at houseboat in Kashmir

When the tour is complete, it’s time to settle down and go over the film you’ve captured. Concentrate on the scenes that stand out and eliminate anything that didn’t turn out as good as you had anticipated. Unless you captured something spectacular, the world doesn’t need to watch your hazy or shaky footage, so don’t bother sharing it. Following your decision on which clips to use, take a step back and consider the story you’re attempting to convey and how you may employ some of the tactics listed above to bring that tale to life in your video production. With the help of a video trimmer, you can put together your final travel video for editing to cut unnecessary parts & make it more attractive.

7. Add music to your travel videos

Choosing the right song for your epic journey montage is essential. Still, if you attempt to share your film on a public platform without first obtaining the necessary permissions, you may find yourself in legal trouble. Look for music free of copyright so that you and your friends can enjoy your video. This is music available for download and usage for free on the internet. Remember to give proper credit to the source!

8. Consistency is the essential factor.

Beginner filmmakers tend to be inconsistent, whereas professional videographers tend to be consistent. In general, the most successful trip video artists are dependable, which separates them from the competition. Consistency is essential when it comes to uploading travel footage. This is the most effective and only method of attracting attention and climbing the ladder of success. You could use an editor to polish your video and guarantee that it meets a particular level of professional quality and consistency throughout.

9. Watch a lot of travel videos.

Watching trip films is an excellent method to become acquainted with various pictures and be motivated to do something new. Watching trip videos might help you gain a different perspective on your video and provide new ideas for it. When it comes time to shoot, you will be able to incorporate all of your new ideas into something truly unique and spectacular.


Creating a trip film that captures the viewer’s attention might be difficult. Everybody is different, so you don’t know what the people in the audience like and don’t like. Here are some of the best ideas for creating your next travel video. When watching travel films, you’ll notice a clear arc that leads to a place of mental peace.

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