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Last Updated on: Sep 13, 2019 

‘Serene tropical destinations for vacationing experiences that nurture your soul with rejuvenation’: is a list that Philippines definitely tops! Amicable locals, recreational beaches, sizzling palatable foods and the hospitable spirit of this tourism slew astounds you like no other! Strap and brace yourselves for a tropical getaway like none other.

If you are already planning your travel to the Philippines, see this safe travel resource first from Traveloka to check the latest travel requirements to enter the Philippines.

Flight tickets to Philippines from India are affordable and once you land anywhere in the country, there are a plethora of tourist destinations guaranteed to fall in the vicinity. And these are a quick ferry ride or car ride away. Hence, travelling around to islands or nearby cities is mostly pocket-friendly, especially if you book a travel package in advance.

Places to visit in Philippines

  1. Boracay Island

Boracay Island

Known for winning the award for best island in the world, Boracay is a slice of heaven spanning across four kilometres of land, majestically carved in the shimmering white sand beaches. Brimming with top-notch accommodation picks, that is, resorts offering activities such as water sports, cliff jumping, bar crawls and ATV tours to indulge in.

There are plenty of bars lined up at the beaches for watching the beautiful sunsets as wave soak your feet. Taking it all in, one sip at a time!

  1. Huma Island, Palawan


A paradisal refuge for a luxury indulgence away from the hustle and bustle of crowded city streets is the Huma island and resort in Palawan. Surrounded by islets and majestic turquoise waters, this stunning island is a tropical escape travellers long for. The culinary treats and adventures keep attracting travellers on this serene remote island. There is a resort here that provides five-star facilities to the tourists.

  1. Bohol

One of the renowned locations that stand out amongst the other seven thousand beaches and allures travel junkies from across the globe, is Bohol. This destination is a home to nature’s majestic wonder called the Chocolate Hills. During the dry season in the country, the series of hills here appear to be gigantic mountains of chocolate!

This happens because of the green grass turning brown. Apart from this spell-bounding sight, the place is a home to a diverse range of wildlife, ancient churches, white sand beaches and rivers. You can book a day tour that covers all these attractions, or better yet rent a bike and see it on your own!

  1. Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao

Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao

This jewel of a place is known as the Eighth Wonder of the World amongst the travel junkies and wanderlusts. If you want to take a dip in the beauty bestowed upon this land by nature in its prime, this is the spot for you! The picturesque rice terraces, neatly carved in the mountains of Ifugao, are also a home to the Ifugao tribes. There are hiking activities, nature trips, warm and filling food and hotels to stay with amenities at your disposal.

  1. Manila

Manila_places to visit in Philippines

Apart from being the National Capital, Manila is also an umbrella under which a myriad of tourist destinations is covered. It is an amalgamation of sites that are majestic examples of the history and culture of the nation as well as places for a happening night life experience. The destination is flooded with hotels, bars, museums, harbours, ancient architecture and restaurants serving the palatable traditional delicacies of Philippines. Apart from that, there are a plethora of sightseeing or day-trip destinations a quick ride away from the city.

  1. Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island

This is an island that is also home to volcanoes such as Mount Vulcan, Mount Uhay, Mount Mambajao and Mount Hibok-Hobok, to name a few. Therefore, it is also known as Island Born of Fire. The island is a record holder for having the maximum number of volcanoes per square kilometre. It is a secluded province with bountiful natural sights such as jaw-dropping waterfalls, refreshing hot and cold springs. While you stay here, you may also want to explore the ancestral homes, ancient churches, the sunken cemetery and partake in the Lanzones festival!

  1. Coron, Palawan

A lot of wanderlusts flock to this mesmerising island located along the northern coast in Palawan. A relaxing, homely natural retreat awaits the nature lovers and beach bums. The destination is flooded with exotic marine life, bright-coloured corals, shimmering white sands, clear cyan waters and picturesque sunsets. Snorkelling and other water sports will keep you engrossed.

  1. El Nido, Palawan

marine life at philippines

A romantic destination, tickets to which sell like hotcakes, this place is popular amongst travel lovers. Magnificent and vibrant beaches with shining clear blue waters perfect for water-sports, diving and snorkelling. The exotic diversity in marine life has flourished in these waters like no other. The lush jungles and limestone cliffs here are enticing beauty bestowed by nature. There are four main islands here where you can stay at for a night or more: Lagen, Miniloc, Apulit and Pangulasian.

  1. Siquijor


When looking for an entirely different getaway experience and holding within the urge to explore uncommon phenomena, this is your resort. Named amongst the most mysterious destinations in the world, this picturesque cove awaits you for a thrilling journey. Believed to be having a magical and mysterious aura, it is also said to be a breeding ground for mythical and supernatural creatures such ass witches and sorcerers. Apart from that, the place is full of refreshing waterfalls, clear cyan waters, beaches and parks.

  1. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is also a Sanctuary. It attracts scuba divers from all corners of the earth. The protected under-water world here homes sharks, the hawksbill sea turtles (endangered), vibrant coral reefs, mantra rays, clownfish, sea turtles and lionfish. Dozens of rare bird species also reside in this natural abode.

  1. Puerto Galera, Mindoro

A bonus destination is the majestic Puerto Galera. Crystal blue waters and white sand of the beaches are not the only sight for sore eyes here. Water sports such as diving, snorkelling, kite-flying, surfing and rejuvenating activities such as stargazing will keep you entertained. One just cannot run out of sites to visit here. The Small Boracay or White Beach here is one of the most renowned beaches of Puerto Galera. Banana boat riding and getting temporary henna tattoos are fun activities to do here.

That was our exclusive list for a remarkable vacationing experience. So, have you planned your next tropical getaway yet?

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