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Tawang – a different view

Arunachal Pradesh

“Tawang is a utopia” – I have heard this from an aunt who had visited Tawang some 10 years back. Yet she could vividly describe her experience even now. So, we two decided to pack our backpacks and head towards Tawang during the Puja holidays!! Tawang has been a kaleidoscope to us. We sensed the […]

Passing Phase

Tale of 2 Backpackers

Great things are done when man and mountain meet. -William Blake The mighty Himalayas are the home to numerous passes and as we travelled across Northern part of India, we came across a few of them. As we travel, we see new places and make memories which are everlasting. Here we present eleven memorable passes we […]


Tale of 2 Backpackers

Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time.  – Moncy Barbour The Blue skies, the blue lake and we….. Pangong had a tranquil and relaxing effect on us like blue topaz and inspired us as well. The vast and azure waters of Pangong were enough to mesmerize us […]