KOLKATA – My city, My way

Kolkata – is my city. I was born here, put my first step on its streets, ran about in its alleys as a child, and made some very good friends in all these years of my life. Spirit of Kolkata inspires me. I am alive in its vibrant colour, cacophony of sound, its variety street food and colourful festivals. Kolkata is truly my city.


My City My Way

Kolkata has its share of shortcomings too. Very candidly called the “city of Bandhs, lockouts and rallies.” Yes the weather is quite oppressive as complained by my cousins from Mumbai & Pune. The local trains do not run on time. The conditions of buses are not at all good. The people indulge in long adda sessions (Rock Baji). In fact the last few months have seen Kolkata in all kinds of wrong news.

But there is something about Kolkata which is inexplicable. The city is called “the city of joy”. Happiness, joy, pride is interwoven in Kolkatans. A city which is so conversant in both the spectrums – be its arts and classics or that of the sports, Kolkatans do everything with passion!

Kolkata is known for a few special things. You cannot imagine Bengalis without their football. The football fields get lively whenever there is an East Bengal- Mohunbagan Match. The Ghoti – Bangal row among the Bengalis is equally amusing. And the Bengali’s love for Rabindranath Tagore is well known and they simply idolise Dada (Sourav Ganguly)  .

 To me Kolkata is my home. Many times I have been frustrated with the city, been angry at it; but could never abandon it, while being away from it. We thus present the best of Kolkata – why we love it so much.

The best of Kolkata for you in a series of posts…

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We are Agni and Amrita, two backpackers from Kolkata, India. We are chalk and cheese in nature. Agni is gregarious, fun loving and prolific person. Amrita meanwhile is the quirky nerd, thoughtful & methodical one among the two. It is the love for each other and for travel that binds us together. We believe in being wings to each other and travelling helps us in doing so.

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